Operation Mincemeat—Aloud

Ben Macintyre’s Operation Mincemeat details Britain’s most ingenious hour: a plan conceived by James Bond creator Ian Fleming to set a body adrift, kitted out as a British officer and carrying false plans for the invasion of southern Europe, to mislead the Nazis. It’s all true, and it worked—as Katherine A. Powers reports in her review of a “terrific book written with intelligence and brio." We're adding it here to bring your attention to the audiobook version, read with characteristic excellence by the fabulous John Lee.

April 23: " 'A job,' the woman repeated again, smiling, as if I hadn't heard her. 'Would you like one?' "

Kenneth Calhoun (Black Moon) and Lysley Tenorio (Monstress) of the Discover Great New Writers program on B-movies, heritage, and finales.