June 21, 2011



New Software Update- NOOK 1st Edition™ ver1.7 Now Available

We continue to optimize NOOK 1st Edition™ software to give our customers a great reading experience. NOOK version 1.7 software update includes general performance enhancements.  NOOK ver 1.7 can be installed immediately by sideloading the update onto your NOOK 1st Edition, following the instructions online at; or you can do nothing and wait for it to install automatically via Wi-Fi during the coming weeks, beginning the week of June 20th.




Registering your NOOK® 

You need to have a account set-up online with a valid default credit card and associated billing address saved to it, and you must register your NOOK using that account information. Go to for easy-to-follow steps to create an account or to make any changes to your existing account.

In addition, be sure that your password contains alphanumeric characters only (letters A-Z and a-z and numbers 1-0), with no symbols, punctuation marks, special characters or spaces. Your password is case sensitive, so make sure to enter capital letters with the shift key if you have any capital letters as part of your password.

 If you already have a NOOK registered to your B& account and want to make any changes to the e-mail address or password for your account, please be sure to unregister your NOOK first. Then make the changes to the e-mail address or the password of your account, and then re-register your NOOK using the current (new) e-mail address and password for your account.

Wi-Fi® Connectivity

When connecting your NOOK to a home Wi-Fi network, please be sure that your Wi-Fi network is either 802.11b or 802.11g. If it is an open network, you should be able to easily connect to your network without adding any information. However if your network is set as a secure network, you will need to add "Add a Wi-Fi hotspot" to connect and you will need to know and enter your network SSID (network name), password and the exact security method, such as WEP, WPA, WPA2, none, etc

To connect to an appropriate Wi-Fi network, tap Wi-Fi from your Home screen, and check that Airplane mode is "off" and Wi-Fi is on., Then tap on "Wi-Fi hotspot" and either add a network or select an available network that is listed. Please give a minute for your NOOK to search and display available Wi-Fi networks.




Getting the Latest

The best way to ensure your NOOK is updated with your latest titles and subscriptions is to go to my library and tap the Check for New B&N Content.


When You're Not Using Your NOOK

The best way to manage your NOOK is to let it go to sleep after using it. Your NOOK will automatically enter sleep mode after a set period of time when there has been no use and no buttons are pressed. You can adjust this amount of time in the Settings area, under Display. You can also put your NOOK to sleep whenever you want by pressing the power button just for a second or two and then letting go.

When in sleep mode, your NOOK will display one of your screensaver images on the E Ink display and the Color Touchscreen will be dark (blank). To wake-up your NOOK from sleep mode, simply press the power button for a second and then let go.

 You do not need to completely shut-off your NOOK at the end of the day or after each use.


USB Connection Between Your NOOK and Your Computer

Make sure to disconnect your NOOK from the computer correctly by using the "Eject" (in Windows, right click on the "NOOK" drive in My Computer and select "Eject”; and if you have an external microSD memory card in your NOOK, it will show up as a separate drive that you will need to Eject in this same way) or "Unmount" (Linux) command on the NOOK drive on your computer. If your NOOK is disconnected from your computer incorrectly, your sideloaded content may not be detected and displayed properly. If you want to read on your NOOK while it is connected to your computer for charging, you must Eject your NOOK and any external microSD memory card installed in your NOOK using the same process outlined above.


Sideloading Content

When you load your own files onto your NOOK, avoid documents with fillable fields and also be aware that large files with many images will take additional time to format before displaying.


Browse Titles with "Show Covers"

While in My B&N Library or in Shop, you can browse the list of titles using a gallery of cover art on the Color Touchscreen. Select "Show Covers" to see and browse through the covers by swiping your finger left or right.  Tap a cover to center it and tap it once again to open the title. To close "Show Covers", tap the small "X" in the top right corner of the Color Touchscreen.


Adjustable Font Size

Font style and size options can be set from within your NOOK Books, newspapers and magazines.  Font sizes and styles cannot be adjusted in the Daily and in certain PDF files that are rendered as images.

Page Numbers

You may notice that sometimes when you turn pages, the page number doesn't change. Since the screen on the NOOK may contain fewer words than a physical page of a book (depending on the font size being used), sometimes it will take several screens of text to display an entire page.  In these cases, the page number will not change, although you are making progress through the book.


My Library                          

There are two areas of my library: My B&N Library, which contains all the content you have acquired from Barnes & Noble; and My Documents, which contains personal documents you have sideloaded and the NOOK Tour and NOOK User Guide. Go to Library --> Tap View My B&N Library or View My Documents to toggle between the two areas. Once you have sideloaded your personal documents, be sure to tap Check for New Content to display them in My Documents area.


 Skip to Top or Bottom of List

While in my library, press and hold the Up or Down arrow key on the Color Touchscreen for 2-seconds to skip to the top or bottom of the list of titles on that screen of the E Ink display.


Filter list in My Library

While in My B&N Library, you can filter to see only certain types of titles by scrolling up on the Color Touchscreen menu items to Show and then select NOOK Books, magazines or newspapers. You can also organize your library with your own personal shelves.


Managing My B&N Library online

You can manage your B&N Library online at, including purchasing, archiving & deleting the B&N content you have acquired. Subscriptions can only be cancelled from your online account. Any permanent content deletion is also done and confirmed online only.


Lent Book

If you are expecting to receive a lent book or a lend offer, and you don't see it in your NOOK, go to  my library and tap Check for New B&N Content.



To determine if a NOOK Book is lendable before you buy it, please visit and search for the NOOK Book there. Or browse lendable NOOK Books in the Shop area of your NOOK in the Top LendMe Books collection.

Lending offers can be sent from the NOOK to any email address.  A lending offer, which shows up in the Daily on your NOOK, is available for 7 days and can be accepted or declined on your NOOK or online.  All lendable titles can be lent once for 14 days.  Once a lending offer is submitted, it cannot be retracted.


More In-Store

The More In-Store experience is available in your local Barnes & Noble bookstore. You should see "More In Store" offers when you tap Shop on your NOOK in one of our stores. If you don't, first check your Wi-Fi setting in Settings and make sure Wi-Fi is turned-on.  If Wi-Fi is on and you still don't see the offers, power your NOOK completely off and then back on.

Read In-Store

To read complete NOOK Books while in Barnes & Noble stores, be sure your NOOK is connected to the B&N in-store Wi-Fi. Then simply browse for a NOOK Book in the Shop area and look for the Read In Store option on the touchscreen.


Waking your Color Touchscreen from Sleep

To wake up the Color Touchscreen, give the Home button two quick taps.

You can adjust how fast your Color Touchscreen goes to sleep (goes dark) by going to Settings --> Display --> Touchscreen timer and then selecting the amount of time before the Color Touchscreen goes to sleep. You can also wake the Color Touchscreen by doing a long press (1 full second) on the NOOK home button.


Personal Screensavers

Your NOOK lets you use your personal digital photos as screensavers. Just connect your NOOK to your computer using the provided USB cable. Create and name a sub-folder within the "My Screensavers" folder found in the NOOK directory. Then drag-and-drop your pictures into the sub-folder you created. Once your photos are in the new folder, go to Settings --> Display --> Screensaver, then select your new folder.

For best results:

*Include a few images in your subfolder as NOOK will cycle through the folder using a new image each time the device goes into sleep mode.

*Crop your images to 600 x 800 pixels

*Save the images as PNG (*.png) or JPEG (*.jpg) files


Contacts (in Settings)    

Contacts is the place where you keep the name and e-mail addresses of people to whom you'd like to lend books. From the Home Screen, press Settings --> Contacts.


If your NOOK isn't responding

In the rare case that your NOOK is not responding, try these two steps, one at a time to get it fully functioning again:

1.  Press and hold the power button for 20-seconds and then release. Then press it again to power up your NOOK.

2.  The battery on your NOOK may be completely drained.  Connect your NOOK to a wall outlet using the NOOK AC-Adapter and charge your NOOK for at least 2 hours.


Caring for your NOOK

Use a soft, micro-fiber cloth to clean and wipe both display screens. Do not use any chemicals to clean your displays. Also, there is a large selection of cases and covers available at and in many Barnes & Noble stores to help personalize and protect your NOOK.

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