2013 Ebook Preview

"Less than two months after the 2012 election, political mavens are already afflicted with eye-glaze from absorbing the initial spate of ebooks and now-it-can-be-told campaign retrospectives." --Columbia Journalism Review, 1/4/13




January 22 -- "Inside The Inauguration," an exhaustive, insider'sl ook at Barack Obama's second Presidential inauguration, set to be published just twenty-four hours after the President takes the oath of office.  Featuring almost twenty-four hours of interviews with some of the key players, as well as more than seven minutes of writing and editing, this eBook promises to be the most complete account of the inauguration published that Tuesday. The book will feature rare perspective from historians who were alive at the time of the event, as well as complete video footage of President Obama preparing to give his inaugural address (the actual address will only be available in the book's revised edition, to be published six hours after the initial release).


February 3 -- "Inside the 'Inside The Inauguration' eBook: The Behind-The-Scenes Story," taking you minute-by-minute into the     writing of the "Inside The Inauguration" eBook, and the aftermath of its publication. Learn how the book was conceived, written and published, all before the ink was dry on the only piece of real paper still being used by anyone.  By literally embedding themselves inside the podium where Chief Justice John Roberts will administer the oath of office, the writers of the book will be able to gain first access to the sound of the words, and thus, by mere fractions of a moment, release the most immediate account of what happens.


March 19 -- "Inventing an eReader Fast Enough to Handle the Speed of the Publishing of the 'Inside the 'Inside The Inauguration' eBook' -- The Inside Scoop," an action-packed ride through the development of eReader technology advanced enough to allow the "Inside the 'Inside The Inauguration'" eBook to be purchased and downloaded before it is even written. With exclusive access to the scientists behind the latest in eBook development, you will learn how ideas are now being beamed directly into the minds of readers without requiring the time-intensive processes of writing, editing, or even reading. (This eBook is also available in cheese-flavored and hybrid electric editions.)


June 27 -- "The Next Presidential Inauguration: What Will Have Happened," a page-scroller that takes you into a future that will have not yet taken place... but that won't stop the writers of this eBook from being first to get the story. In order to get this book to market as quickly as possible, it has already been released, and the contents of it wiped from the memories of all who had the chance to read it, so as not to destroy the space-time continuum and unalterably change the future. The eBook is an invaluable guide to understanding what is to come, with reflections and insight from a number of commentators who will not even be born by the time the next inauguration takes place.


July 14 -- "2013 eBook Preview: Six-Month Anniversary Edition," a commemorative eBook edition of this very humor piece, revised and expanded from its original form, with additional content, new listings, and never-before-seen photos of eBooks in a number of exciting locations.  Now in its thirteenth edition, you may also purchase this book yesterday, or twenty years ago, before the first eBook was ever published. Now in its fourteenth edition. Fifteenth.


Jeremy Blachman is working to develop robots that can write humor pieces. Read some of their work at jeremyblachman.com.

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